Based on the need of a reputable fresh Halal Meat resource, Texas Livestock & Halal Meat Processors was developed. They are a USDA certified slaughterhouse & meat processing plant based in Houston, Texas, conveniently located just a few minutes from downtown Houston. Texas Livestock & Halal Meat Processors are committed to providing quality halal zabiha meat to the Houston community.


At Texas Livestock, they specialize in providing wholesale service to the meat markets but also cater to the general public. They provide custom slaughter services of goat, lamb, beef and chicken at wholesale prices.


Texas Livestock & Halal Meat Processors operates under the regulations of the USDA so the health and well-being of the animals is of utmost importance. There is an on-site veterinarian inspector five days a week from Monday to Friday. Within a short time frame by excellence in halal service, quality and accuracy, they have built a reputation in the community where they quadrupled the production volume and capacity.



halal and usda certified



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